Meet the Parents

BREED:  English Cocker Spaniel
COLOR:  Black with white and
                tan markings
DOB: 05/05/2012
AKC Registered

BREED: English Cocker Spaniel
COLOR:  Red with white markings
DOB: 09/17/2013
AKC Registered
BREED: English Cocker Spaniel
To be announced soon.

Toby's father is a strong tireless hunter from long line excellent breeders in TX and LA.  He is where we coined the phrase "A good dog will make a man look like a good shot".   His mother is imported from Scotland and an extremely quick and smart upland game dog.

At 2 1/2 years old Toby is very intelligent, hardworking soft mouthed, flusher and retriever.  For dove he is steady on the shot and retrieves upon command.  On quail and pheasant he aggressively locates, flushes, and retrieves.   

Most importantly he has become more than a pet; he's a part of the family.  His obedience training is so advanced that we are able to take him to the kids soccer and football games without concern.

We searched a long time before finding Ginny.  In her we were looking for size, temperament, and the right bloodline.  Both sides of her pedigree originate from the UK and many generations of championship bloodlines.  At 13 months old she is responding well to obedience and retriever training and is extremely social.   We have introduced her to quail and she certainly has the instinct to flush and retrieve.  Needless to say, water retrieving is what she loves the most.

Ginny is extremely social.  She loves everyone and is happiest when snuggled up with my wife and daughters.

Between her and Toby I expect them to throw very nice pups.  We don't plan to breed her until her third cycle.